ATP CTP – Airline Transport Pilot Certification Training Course

Global One Training Group is approved by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), effective immediately, to conduct the Airline Transport Pilot Certification Training Program (ATP-CTP), a new training requirement for pilots wishing to qualify for the FAA Airline Transport Pilot exam. Our ATP-CTP pilot training course meets or exceeds FAA 14 CFR 61.156 requirements.

Increased safety was the number one goal in the FAA changes made which includes; completion of the ATP-CTP course, increased flight experience, passing the ATP written exam as well as performing at the required levels during the ATP practical oral and flight testing.


 Core Academic Course Subjects:

        • Aerodynamics
        • Meteorology / Weather
        • Air Carrier Operations
        • Leadership Development
        • Crew Resource Mangement (CRM)
        • Multi-Crew Environment¬†Safety Operations