Global One Training Group provides Simulator Based Flight Training to Boeing 727/200, Boeing 737/200 and Boeing 737-300 airlines, operators and individuals. We operate under the guidelines of the Federal Aviation Administration – FAA – PART 142 Regulations, FAA Certificate # 1G2X 086L. We provide Initial and Recurrent Training on “Dry Lease” and “Wet Lease” options.

We offer training solutions that fit the requirements of our clients providing a modern training facility, with classrooms, briefing rooms, training aids, four Full Flight Simulators, including one Level D Boeing 727 FFS, one Level C Boeing 727 and a Boeing 737/300 FFS, all FAA certified and one Boeing 737-200 for NON FAA Operators.

Our Training Center facilities are convenient and strategic located at Orlando / Sanford International Airport, FL. USA. (SFB)

Besides our Training Center in Orlando, we have just opened classroom facilities for ground courses in our Miami offices, located just next to Miami International Airport.

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