Center Regulations and Important Phone Numbers

If you are in danger, please remain calm. Immediately exit the zone of danger, especially in case of fire. Always note the nearest exit from the buildings. When you are in a safe place, call for help.

Training Center Regulations

  • Instructors and trainees (non-Global One) can access on site and in the simulator building if they are identified in the simulator schedule and on presentation of their airline / operator badge;

  • Visitors can access the site if a “Welcome” mail is sent by Global One scheduling office or management office to advise the site’s staff.

  • Please visible at all time the “Visitor Badge” provided in the reception desk;

  • Use your safety belts if simulator training in motion;

  • Be familiar and identify where the emergency stop buttons are located and how to operate them. If you are uncertain, ask the technicians;

  • Never step outside the simulator or on the catwalk while still in motion;

  • To communicate with the ‘outside world’ during your simulator session, you can use the telephone mounted at the instructor station.

  • Inform the technicians if you used the oxygen masks during your session, as it must be cleaned before the next session;

  • Study the fire and rescue plan placed in the simulator and around the building;

  • It is forbidden to smoke inside the building;

  • Not food or drinks in the simulator or simulator bay.

Important Phone Numbers



Fire & Rescue Department


Medical Emergency


Central Florida Regional Hospital – Sanford

Click to Call (407) 321-4500

Florida Hospital – Altamonte Springs

Click to Call (407) 830-4321

Sanford Police

Click to Call (407) 688-5070

Orlando/Sanford Airport Police

Click to Call (407) 585-4101

Airport Authorities Contacts